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Two years ago, founders Doug Abrams and Joanna Richardson met to discuss the opportunity to change the auto buying process. With their combined experience in the car industry and in the marketing world, they knew they had a chance to make their mark. It took some time, but Dealership Locator finally launched in 2017. The premise was simple: no ads and no third-party leads. Just a place for shoppers to find local dealerships in a no-stress environment.

The truth is, the average American spends up to a year browsing websites to find the perfect car. Manufacturer sites, classified pages, review sites and so many more, and each one is telling them to fill out a finance form or provide their contact details. Doug and Joanna figured it was time to change the conversation, so they built this directory. The advantages for shoppers is obvious: the information they need is all in one place. But why is this good for dealerships?

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