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Can electric cars be better than gasoline cars?

January 3, 2020

Electric cars are very similar to gasoline car but the major difference is an electric motor and generation of power. Electric cars have an internal-combustion engine and they have started gaining more popularity with the improvements in battery storage.

Some cars known as hybrids and they work on battery and petrol. It is also possible that we convert our existing cars into electric car.

Without a vehicle people cannot travel to places like work, school and shopping centers in today’s world. The prices of petrol are catching the sky everywhere, many people are looking for alternative solutions for this and the perfect solution is an electric-powered car.


Many people think electric cars are slow, but this is not the right statement about electric vehicles. Many of the electric cars has broken the records in speed and distance. The high-quality batteries in these cars enable them to drive up to around 400 miles on a single charge. Earlier, the batteries were only capable of around 160 miles.

Benefits of an EV

There are many advantages to maintain an electric car.

Firstly, the consumers will save a lot of money on fuel costs. In today’s economy, this is a good attractive feature.

Electric cars do not produce smoke that regular cars do, these cars are safer for the environment than petrol vehicles.

Secondly, using electric cars, the government will offer consumers tax credits for driving them.


Why one should consider electric cars over gasoline car?

These cars will save drivers a lot of money on petrol costs. They do not harm the environment as do petrol cars and thus making them an excellent way to travel.

List of some electric cars in the USA are: