Car Dealership Directory: A Brief History

After working at a dealership for years, Jonas McPherson and Jamie Butler decided they wanted a change. Ideally, they would be able to bridge their love of cars and intimate knowledge of the industry with a passion for marketing. With his experience as the “internet guy,” Jonas was interested in creating a more efficient platform for shoppers and sales teams to connect. Jamie, as a saleswoman during the day and programming student at night, loved Jonas’s idea and knew she had the talent to build the website. Within a few months, Car Dealership Directory was born and has been steadily growing ever since.

At the core of this business is a belief that people should not have to struggle to find the sedan, pickup or SUV that best matches their lifestyle and budget. Instead of browsing classifieds that are packed with competitive ads or multiple forms to fill out, our website offers a clean space to find the right store. By limiting the search by brand and location, we’re also ensuring you find the right dealer quickly without having to flip through tons of irrelevant inventory. That way, the connection between shopper and dealership is far more direct than any other method out there.

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