Things to remember before buying a new car from the dealer

November 26, 2019

Buying a new car is one of the tough tasks to get through with and also offer some exciting experiences. You have been going with a rush of emotions, but you have to absorb these emotions and deal practically with the dealer.

There are few do and don’ts which you need to remember before heading up to the dealer.


● Aware of your credit or FICO score

This is the most important thing which will help you to score the best financing deal. The positive FICO score will increase the chances of getting a loan easily and vice-versa.

● Decide a Budget

One of the major and crucial things is to decide how much you can afford every month and it does not hamper your life in the long run. Decide how much amount of money you can give as the down payment and accordingly make monthly payments for a specific amount of time.

● Extend your Research

It’s never bad to have too much information. Maximizing the research will only open doors for you and help you in the long haul. Remember this, you are doing it for yourself. The more information will help you to deal in a better way with the dealer and maybe you score a good deal. Win-Win.

● Always check your bills

We all know buying a car comes with fees and taxes, but who knows they have charged extra or put down any additional cost in the transaction? In order to avoid paying extra, discuss all the costs and components involved in the bill.

Try to break down every one of them and understand the purpose of paying that if you see there is some additional cost negotiate straight away with the salesperson or dealer.

● Always take a test drive

Before buying a car, go for a test drive for which car you are eyeing on buying. You can have all the details of the car within minutes on what you were spending hours of research.

buying a car


● Never say you are dealing in Cash to your dealer.

You should never mention what your plans are in terms of paying. First of all, it provides the platform to negotiate the price of the vehicle. You can also take a heads up about the financing deals and chances are you can score a better deal.

● Visit Multiple Dealers

You are putting your hard-earned income in buying the car. Before you spend your cash, look around at different options which means your knowledge will give tough competition to dealers and they will surely grant you a good deal.

● Do not agree on something which you were disapproving

Never sign any document if terms are not familiar and are according to you. Cross-check the documents and discuss it with the dealer if found any discrepancies. It’s better to deal before rather than crying in the future about the silliest mistakes.

● Don’t lure into salesperson’s word and buy Add-Ons

Salesperson’s incentives are earned by selling of Add-Ons and you should not get intimated by his words and buy stuff which is not necessary for you. Research and consider buying things that adds any value or will serve your purpose.

● Always have Pre-approved Finance in your hand

Never visit dealerships before having financing offers with yourself. The offers lead you to providing great deals and one which can make you save money. Pre-approved finances will sort problems for you and accordingly dealer will offer you a good deal.