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Tips to care the car exterior

January 3, 2020

When you regularly care about your car, you can care for your old car like a new one. One question arises in mind that how to maintain your car in good shape?

Follow steps to take care of your car with these car cleaning tips:

Let's talk about wheels:

Wheels hold a lot of junk that you won’t want to be sprayed. Firstly, wet the wheels with water, then spray them with a wheel cleaner. Scrub them well with a scrub brush. then wash with water. If you want your wheels to appear black and shiny, apply some tire shine.


Clean the dirt and sand from under the wiper blades. This dirt of sand of wiper blades can over time cause scratches on your mirror.

Washing Car with acid free soap:

When washing the exterior, spray the entire car with water. Use a bucket with water and a car soap to wash the surfaces.It is important to know that you need to be aware of which household items are safe to use and which could actually damage your car. Do not use normal soap, it will strip the wax! Use a small brush that helps to clean into the cracks.Invest a little bit of money into buying a soap that is designed for your cars only.It will not harm the paint.

Dry the Car:

A dry car using a terry cloth to remove the water. Open all the doors for 5-10 minutes to allow the water drips in the door frame to dry.

Spot Cleaning is Important:

Some pigeon decides to use the roof of your car as a toilet. It becomes harder to clean over time and all the while having a negative impact on your car’s paint. Always park your car in the garage, if you park your car outside at your home then cover it with a car cover because, on the outside, pigeon again use your car as a toilet.