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What are the different types of car insurance in the USA?

January 3, 2020

Some people may assume that car insurance is just one thing and everything comes under one category. However, there are a number of insurance types that offer various coverage levels. It is important to get information about the different categories of car insurance available in the market.

Liability Insurance:

Liability insurance is one of the most significant types of car insurance. This insurance offers protection against the cost of damages and personal injury of your vehicle. The car owner should have at least a minimum level of liability insurance.

Collision insurance:

Collision insurance is another type of insurance that pays for costs of repairs and replacements. This applies in cases where the driver is responsible for the accident. This type of insurance is mostly for car owners who are making payments.

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Comprehensive insurance:

Comprehensive insurance is another type of insurance that also covers the replacement and repair of your car. It normally applies when the vehicle is damaged by an unknown party like in the event of a hit and run and theft, Such damages as those caused by a tree falling on your car are also covered in this. It also covers costs in the treatment of injuries that occur from the accident.

Underinsured or Uninsured motorist insurance:

Underinsured or uninsured motorist offers protection to the car owner when an accident is not caused by him/her but the one to blame is not insured enough to serve for the costs. Gap insurance applies to car owners who are making payments on their vehicles. Other features of insurance include towing insurance, roadside insurance, car glass insurance.

Medical Coverage:

If any family members who are driving the insured vehicle are injured in an accident, medical payments help you pay for costs associated with the injuries. The costs may include in medical coverage hospital visits, surgery, X-rays and more.

Personal Injury Protection:

It is only available in some states in the USA. It like medical payments coverage, personal injury protection may help in paying for your medical expenses after an accident. It may also help cover other expenses that occur because of your injuries like child care expenses and lost income.


This information you get first before paying for that insurance cover.