Why one should buy a used car from a dealer?

January 3, 2020

Do you get surprise if you should buy from a used car dealer? There are many used car dealers everywhere. Can the dealer offers you a good price for a used car? Car dealers give you a warranty on a used car?


Used cars are honestly good. Every year, a car depreciates by 15% from its original price. There are even some cars that depreciate 20% or more.

First-year, the car price is 20% off of the original value. In the market, it is possible that a dealer used car prices maybe 50% less than the latest model.


Buying a used car, guarantee it is saving for the buyer especially if they are only a few years old, mechanically in good condition. Even a used car, which is only a year old, has a lower price than its new pattern car.

If your budget cannot afford to buy performance cars then you still can own for less, if you buy from used car dealers. Car dealers offer certified used vehicles.

used cars

Inspection on vehicles

The certified used vehicles have been given by physical inspections. They have also been upgraded to be the brand new cars. To know that a car is certified, then make sure that the car contains the manufacturer’s warranty.

Used car dealers allow you to do your own check of the conditions of the used car.  The dealers also offer you to take out the car for a road test to check the conditions of the engines, the tires, the radiator, the carburetor, broken system, and the air-conditioning/ heating system.

Check the Car fax report

It is mandatory to check the Car fax report to determine whether the car for sale is not stolen or does not have a major issue in the car. Car fax report determines vehicle History records which include an odometer reading and past registrations of vehicles.

You are also guaranteed that used cars from dealers are not more than 5 years old and have traveled more than 80,000 miles.

Best deals and offers

Car dealers have been improving their programs for used cars. Used car dealers can sometimes offer you almost a brand new car with an attractive price. This makes buying a used car from a dealer. Much safer buy than buying online sources.