Why one should pay cash while buying a car?

November 25, 2019

“Cash is king” The statement is enough to describe the importance of cash and what role they play in an individual’s life. Paying cash is always better than acquiring something in finance.

The payment in cash can hook you up with the discount from the dealers and also you can negotiate with them on price and you can ask to include any sort of accessories.

Let’s have look how there is the benefit of paying cash for cars

● Availability of discounts

Car dealers or private sellers provide you a good amount of discount and other offers on the cars. People get confused with the zero interest or no-cost EMIs.

The zero-interest does not provide you any discount it just you are paying a lesser amount of down payment and converting it into monthly payments that do not involve interest amount.

Cash provides you the option to negotiate for a better amount when you are buying a used car.

paying cash

● You can save money by paying in cash

It’s pretty difficult to put your whole savings in the new car and as it can affect your bank balance in the long run. First of all, buy a car which suits your budget best and if you can manage to buy it on cash that we’ll be the best deal and also you can for some accessories too.

Financing will lead you to pay extra and as well as monthly payments include interest amount too.

● No interest involved

People think of buying things and paying for every month as it seems a feasible option for them. It is exactly opposite payment on a monthly basis include the interest amount too which drain your capital in one way or another.

Pay in cash and you don’t have to pay a single penny extra as an interest amount.

● Prioritizing Financial Goals

It means you will buy what you can afford rather than indulging in the things which you can’t afford and buying things on loan. You will buy things that are important and you have a healthy financial position.


Which is better to pay cash or finance a car?

Paying in cash always remains a better option instead of financing as it does not have any involvement in the interest amount.